About Me

Hi, I’m very excited about doing my blog and my first challenge is to share some things about me. This is my first time doing a blog, I am twelve years old and in seventh grade, I live in Circleville, Ohio.

A- Athletic, I am pretty athletic I play softball, and I cheer for football and basketball, Cheer leading is my favorite sport, but I love playing softball as well.

D- Determined, I am a very determined person when I have something that I want to do I don’t stop until it is is done, I am a very big over achiever and I try to be the best at everything sometimes.

I- Interesting, I am a very interesting person and I am very different, I do not act like everyone else and a lot of people say I am strange but I like to think that is what makes me interesting!

S- Sarcastic, my friends tell me all of the time that I am very sarcastic, I enjoy making sarcastic jokes to people a lot.

Y- Yappy, I had to look up the definition of this and the definition is wanting to talk foolishly or at length, and I do talk a lot, and for a very long time so I think this word fits me really well.

N- Needed, All of my friends say that I am very needed and that I make everyday interesting and fun, and I am very needed in my family because if I wasn’t there everything would be very boring.

That is a little bit about me, there were some things about myself that I didn’t think it was important to include, but I hope you enjoyed reading about me, thanks for reading!

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